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Participant statements

This page (along with the documents that provide links or references to it or other disclosures mentioned on the site) provides you with the “terms and conditions of use of the imeed platform website", these terms are the terms on which you may use the website (www.ta3meed.com). use of the platform website implies your acceptance of the terms. Please stop using the site if you do not agree to these terms. The platform also reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time at its absolute discretion for statutory, regulatory or other reasons.it is not obliged to notify its users of these amendments as soon as they are added to the site. we recommend visiting the site from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the latest changes that may have occurred to the terms and conditions or on the platform. it also has the right to exclude as it deems appropriate and does not conflict with the provisions and rules governing the activity.

About Imad financial platform

Christening site www.ta3meed.com) (hereinafter referred to as “site”) operated by a christening stand. (Hereinafter referred to as” christening“,” we “or”platform"). We are a company established in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia under its laws, with commercial registration number: 1010615903 and Imad financial platform company authorized by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia to test its innovative products in the experimental environment, and is headquartered in synergy center – Anas Bin Malik Street – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility criteria for site registration and participation in investment or finance application

To access the site and use its features, you must undertake the following::

  • Not less than (18) eighteen years of age.
  • Acknowledge and warrant that the user has full legal and legal capacity to access this site and sufficient capacity to contract
  • You acknowledge and warrant that the user is not prohibited to use to use the platform services or invest under the regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Information about the ratings within the platform to an investor (whether an ordinary participant, qualified, or a company) or a finance applicant (finance applicant establishment) (both also referred to as”user“). Imad capital reserves the right to refuse your application for registration in case of violation of the standards and conditions set forth. you must follow the registration procedures on the site to be able to invest or request funding according to the conditions required for either, as well as create a username and password to use to access the site, and follow all requirements and procedures set for registration.
  • The user also acknowledges the vali.

Eligibility criteria for the average investor

  • The investor must be a Saudi citizen or resident of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The investor must be over the age of (18) eighteen years, and have a national identity if he is a Saudi, or a residence if he is a foreigner.
  • The investor must have a bank account with a local bank.
  • Companies and institutions can invest in the platform.
  • The contribution of individuals shall not exceed (10%) maximum of the value of the required financing and not exceed (10,000) ten thousand riyals maximum per project or financing (one time), and a maximum of (100,000) one hundred thousand riyals annually for all financing offered through the service provider. High-net-worth companies and individuals are excluded.

Eligibility criteria for qualified investor

  • The net value of assets or balances shall not be less than (1,000,000) million Saudi riyals or more.
  • Annual income should not be less than (600,000) six hundred thousand Saudi riyals in the past two years.
  • The applicant must have at least three years ' work experience in the financial sector in a professional job related to finance or investment.
  • The applicant must have a specialized professional certificate in the field of finance or investment accredited by an internationally recognized authority.

Eligibility criteria for funding applicant

  • Obtaining a project from a government company or a major company.
  • The establishment must be Saudi and classified as small or medium according to the classification of the General Authority for small and medium enterprises.
  • The company's activity should be in the same field with previous experience in the field of the project assigned to at least one project.
  • Valid commercial registration.
  • Registered at national address.
  • The annual revenue of the Company shall not be less than three million riyals.
  • The most important principles of the proxy investment contract
  • The platform shall be the agent of the investor in concluding the Murabaha contract with third parties.
  • The platform uses its expertise and capabilities to strive to ensure that the investor achieves the returns they receive from his investment.
  • The financing participant authorizes the platform to perform the duties and exercise the rights, powers, powers and discretionary powers specifically vested in the platform under the Mu

Electronic wallet

  • To invest in the opportunities presented in the platform, it is necessary to create an investment portfolio in the platform.
  • Before creating the investment portfolio, you will be required to complete your bank details (your IBAN account number) and it is required to be a Saudi bank, and it is necessary to attach a copy of the Iban letter from the bank or a copy of the bank account information card, and the user is fully responsible for the authenticity of the Iban and the data entered.
  • After meeting all the registration requirements, you will be given an Iban account number for your investment portfolio and the owner of the portfolio alone has the authority to carry out transactions on the portfolio and assumes full responsibility for this
  • You can deposit funds intended for investment into your investment portfolio through electronic payment through your Mada card or credit card or through a bank transfer from your account to your designated bank account in your investment portfolio.
  • The owner of the wallet must comply with the instructions of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the source of the amounts deposited in the wallet must be legitimate, belonging to the owner of the wallet and may not deal with any money that does not belong to him through the wallet.
  • The holder of the portfolio has the right to withdraw any unvested amounts from his investment portfolio at any time
  • The aim of the investor in using the investment portfolio should be to invest through the platform only and the platform has the right to review, examine and audit any operations that may appear suspicious or other than the investment objective and take the consequent measures of warning, or stop the account and may amount to legal accountability in case of suspicion of any manipulation or attempt to violate the provisions of the platform or the instructions of the central bank and the legislating authorities.
  • Funds from the investment portfolio shall be transferred to the account registered
  • Through the control panel of your investment portfolio, you can view all your investment transactions, withdrawals and deposits at any time by accessing your account in the Ameed financial platform.
  • Ameed financial platform works as much as possible by committing to send text messages or through e-mail in cases of deposits, investments and withdrawals.
  • The authentication and verification method that is used to verify the identity of the account holder and perform operations on the account is by sending a code on the mobile number of the account holder – the number associated with the Absher platform - the entry of this code is a proof that the user is the owner of the authority and the platform should not take any additional steps to verify.
  • For an investment portfolio such as a bank account, the password must not be shared with any other party, knowing that the employees of the Imad platform are not authorized to ask for the password.
  • Imad financial platform is committed to applying the procedures and instructions of the Saudi central bank regarding the procedures of the Know Your Customer principle.

Fees for service

  • Users of the platform must pay all fees required to use the platform's services, and all fees are paid through the available and approved payment channels in the platform, and the platform informs users of the applicable fees before each transaction, and the platform has the right to change its fees at any time.
  • Investment: the platform is entitled to a percentage of (20%) of the profit of the financing process and the platform has the right to change its profit percentage provided that this amendment is included in the investment contract by proxy for the opportunity.
  • Users of the platform must pay all fees required to use the platform's services, all fees are paid through the available and approved payment channels of the platform, the platform informs users of the applicable fees before each transaction, and the platform has the right to change its fees at any time.
  • Investment: the platform has the right to obtain (20%) of the profit of the financing process and the platform has the right to change the percentage of its profits provided that this amendment is included in the investment contract by proxy for the opportunity.

If you have any questions about the fees for the services provided by the Imad financial platform, please contact us through any of the means described in paragraph (contact us).

Credit risk

  • Investing via the christening platform contains the risks of investing in SME financing including the exposure of capital to the risk of possible loss or delay of payment.
  • Offering investment opportunities on the platform is not an advice or recommendation to co-finance it.
  • Imad financial platform, its board of directors and all its employees and employees are not authorized to provide any investment advice, directly or indirectly, on the nature of any financing or transaction or its suitability for your investment plan, and the possibility of recovering the invested funds and related profits on time.
  • The platform does not give any guarantee of non-default or default from any of the institutions requesting financing, but rather presents the results of the credit assessment of the opportunities offered and the total from several external sources in addition to their independent study and the results of this study are not considered confirmed as Imad financial platform disclaims its responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
  • The platform mentions the guarantees taken on the requesting entity at every opportunity presented and the guarantees offered at every opportunity are not considered a sure guarantee of non-default or default.
  • If you are unsure about your decision to invest in opportunities offered through the platform, please seek advice from a specialist advisor and do not turn to the platform support team for advice on any of the opportunities.

Intellectual property

” Imad financial platform " belongs to Imad financial platform company and all copyright, trademark, design rights, database rights, all documents, documents and materials related to the service, and intellectual property rights. Whether registered or unregistered, current or future.

As a user, you agree to take all actions and sign all necessary documents, present or in the future, as required by you during the use of the platform, with the aim of waiving said intellectual property rights in favor of Imad financial platform company. All copyright related to the data you upload electronically or submit to the site will be retained by Imad Saudi finance platform for Finance.accordingly, you as a user grant Imad Saudi finance platform for finance a permanent and exclusive license, without any compensation or compensation and irrevocable in the event that such data is used, copied, distributed, published and transmitted in any way around the world. If you download any content from the site, this shall not be deemed to grant ownership of such content, nor shall you be entitled to modify such content or use it for any other purposes except as set forth. You must not use any of the images, video or audio separately from the rest of the page you found on it and you must also ensure that our status as owners of the materials is clearly stated and if you use the platform site for commercial purposes, you must obtain your consent to do so. If any part of the platform website is printed, copied or downloaded in violation of these terms, the platform has the right to ask you to return or dispose of any copies of materials that have been withdrawn from the site, and this extends to any materials that have been backed up through your computer or network. Content ownership rights remain wholly owned by Imad financial and its licensors.

Jurisdiction and dispute settlement

The jurisdiction of the competent courts in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia shall be held with respect to any claim arising out of or relating to your visit to the site, although the platform reserves the right to bring claims against you for violation of these terms in the country of residence.these terms of Use shall also be subject to any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to it or its subject matter or composition and shall be construed under applicable law in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If any of the terms and conditions contained in this document are found to be invalid before the courts, the rest of the terms and conditions will be enforced.

Transfer of rights

Ameed capital platform has the right to transfer, transfer, subcontract and dispose of the rights under these terms and conditions in any way without the need to notify you or obtain your consent in a manner that does not conflict with the laws and regulations in force in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.you cannot transfer, transfer, subcontract or dispose of your rights under these terms and conditions in any way.

Contraindications to the use of the platform

You may use our site for legal purposes. Below is a list of examples:

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the site to violate any applicable law or regulation, and this applies to local and international laws in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this includes any materials contributed to the interactive sections of our site.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the site to conduct or attempt to commit fraud.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the site to harm or attempt to harm others.

Our responsibility

The information on the Website is provided without any warranty, conditions or representations as to its accuracy, and therefore Imad platform and its associated parties disclaim their responsibility for:

  • All other terms and conditions that may be included other than as stipulated by the Saudi law.
  • Any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage to any user, including without limitation, in connection with the site or in connection with the use or inability to use, or as a result of the use of the site or any websites linked to it and any materials posted on it.
  • Any liability for loss of income, revenue, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data or loss of reputation, and for any loss or damage of any kind arising (including negligence) as a result of breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable, provided that it does not preclude claims for loss or damage to tangible property or any other claims, and in respect of excluded under Applicable order.

Suspension and termination

In the event that the platform discovers the user's violation of the terms and conditions, it may take any action it deems appropriate. This includes preventing the user from accessing or using the site in any other way, as well as being a future customer, removing any materials that may contribute to it, issuing a warning to him, filing a lawsuit against him to claim compensation for any costs incurred by the platform as a result of his violation, referring the matter to the competent authorities, and disclosing any information held by the platform that may be necessary for them to conduct the necessary investigations.

Guiding principles

: Your privacy matters to us. Privacy is based on the following principles and policies

  • The platform will only ask for personal information from you if it actually needs it.
  • The platform does not share your personal information with anyone except in connection with compliance with the law, the development of our products or the protection of our rights.
  • The platform does not store personal information on its servers unless this is required for the continuous operation of one of its services.
  • This Privacy Policy sets out how the christening platform collects and uses your personal data on the christening website.

Update terms

The platform may revise these terms at any time by modifying this page, and it is your responsibility to review this page and be informed of any changes that the platform may make because the changes will be binding on you. In addition, there are specific conditions that may apply to certain parts of the site. Where alerts appear on another part of the site, they are assumed to supersede these terms, to which they are stated to be inconsistent, and the rest of these terms and conditions will continue to apply.

Website visitors

The christening platform collects non-personally identifiable information typically provided by web browsers and servers, such as browser type, language preferences, referral location, and the date and time of each request made by the visitor. The purpose of the platform is to collect this non-personally identifiable information to help us better understand how visitors use the site. Emad May from time to time publish aggregated non-personal identifying data about the usage trends of its website. The Imad platform may also collect potentially personally identifiable information such as the IP addresses of users who log into the website. Imad discloses the IP addresses of users and commentators who log into the website under the same terms in which it may disclose and use personally identifiable information as defined below.

Collection of personally identifiable information

Some visitors to Imad websites prefer to interact with us in ways that require Imad to collect personally identifiable information. The amount and type of information Ameed collects depends on the nature of this interaction. For example, those who engage with the platform in a transaction are required to provide personal and financial information necessary to process such transactions. In all cases, the baptismal platform does not collect such information only when necessary or in proportion to the achievement of the purpose of the visitor's interaction with the website of the baptismal platform, the platform does not disclose personally identifiable information to as defined below, and visitors have the right to refuse to give any personally identifiable information, but this may prevent them from carrying out some related activities on the website.

Protection of personally identifiable information

Imad platform does not disclose information that is personally identifiable or may be personally identifiable except to employees of the platform, its contractors and affiliated institutions, who need to know this information to process it on behalf of Imad platform, or to provide services available on the platform's website. Some of these employees and affiliated organizations may be located outside your place of residence, and by using the imeed platform websites, you agree to transfer that information to them. The christening platform will not rent, exchange or sell personally identifiable information to anyone, except its employees, contractors and affiliates. Imad personally discloses personally identifiable information only in response to an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or at the request of another government entity or when Imad believes in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect the ownership or rights of Imad, outside parties or the public at large. If you are a Registered User of the imeed platform and provide your email address, imeed may occasionally send you an email sharing news with you, asking you for an opinion, or offering you products or services.if you send a request to us, we reserve the right to publish it to help us clarify or respond to your request, or to help us not to other users.

External links in the platform website

The Imad platform website may contain links to other websites, including social media. These links are not controlled by the platform, and will not endorse any of them. If you provide any personal data through any external website, your transaction will take place on that external website (not on the platform website), and your personal data will be collected and controlled by that third party's applicable privacy policy. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not address the privacy or information practices of any third parties, including, but not limited to, affiliates that do not publish or are directly linked to this Privacy Policy.


A cookie is a collection of information that the website stores on the visitor's computer, and is provided by the visitor's browser to the website of the christening platform each time the visitor returns. The Imad website uses cookies to assist Imad in identifying and tracking visitors, their use of the platform website, and their preferences when accessing the Imad website.visitors to the Imad website who do not wish cookies to be placed on their computers must set their browsers to reject cookies before using Imad websites.

Fundamental changes to the christening platform

If the Imad platform or the bulk of its assets are acquired, or an unlikely situation occurs in which Imad goes out of business and enters bankruptcy, the user information will be an asset transferred or acquired by a third party. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of the Imad platform may continue to use your personal information as set out in this policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Although most of the changes are likely to be minor, christening may change its applicable privacy policy from time to time, at christening's sole discretion. Imad encourages visitors to check this page on an ongoing basis for any changes to its Privacy Policy, and your continued use of this site after any change to this Privacy Policy indicates your acceptance of that change.

Contact information

The platform is happy to receive questions or inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy to the following email address: info@ta3meed.com or via the unified number: 8001111850