As the first Debt Based Crowd Lending Platform specialising in financing Purchase Order licensed by Saudi Central Bank, Tameed offers fast financing for your PO

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Unlock your working capital and improve your cash flow by financing your purchase orders.


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Tameed reviews your application and performs a credit assessment based on your Purchase Orders.


You select when and for which Purchase Orders you want to receive financing. We pool the required funds and start the financing process.


At the maturity date, the PO-Issuer pays the invoice to an escrow account and Tameed will settle the accounts with you and the financiers.

Key Benefits for SMEs

We offer a straightforward alternative to traditional lending to SMEs. We specialize in financing your working capital and offer unique benefits for your business


On-demand financing solution. Choose when you need financing


Immediate initial approval & Final Approval within 3 days


Flexible rates starts at 1%/Month with early payment discount


Off-balance funding, not financial liability

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We support SMEs

Tameed, which means PO in Arabic, is the only Purchase Orders (PO) financing platform in Saudi Arabia. We provide financing based on government-backed POs connecting small and mid-market businesses seeking fast, finance with peer-to-peer financing from investors who are looking for superior returns. Financing is managed by the highly secured Tameed Platform regulated and approved by the regulated by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).In Saudi Arabia alone, the government issued 738,610 POs worth over SAR 664 billion until the end of Q3 2021. By leveraging crowd lending from individual and institutional investors, Tameed is injecting liquidity into the marketplace.

Financing Requirements


Underlying Purchase Orders (POs) from multinational, reputable manufactures from various industries including IT, Medical, Telecommunications , Defense, Construction industries.


SME resellers selling to government-owned entities in Saudi Arabia including Healthcare, Defense, Construction Sector.


Revolving, ongoing trade flows of manufactured good with a maximum tenor / payment terms of 365 days


Funding Amounts minimum SAR 250K per PO. Funding Currency in Saudi Arabia Riyal.


What is Tameed?

Tameed is the first crowd debt lending platform licensed by the Saudi Central Bank. Tameed is specialised in offering a financing alternative-other than a business loan- to finance the local SMEs who have Purchase Orders from Government agencies or Large private Companies.

How can I apply for PO financing?

You can apply by signing up on our platform ( and filling out the required information: (commercial registration number - VAT number - authorized person ID number - birthdate -mobile number - email) and then setting a password.

Are the financing operations on Tameed platform compliant with Islamic Sharia law?
What are the expected financing costs?

The financing cost is divided into two parts:
1- Administrative fees of 2.5%
2- Monthly profit rate ranging from 1% to 2%

Is the amount transferred directly to the applicant's bank account?

No; the financing amount is transferred directly to the supplier or service provider -according to the company's policy.

What are the required guarantees?

1- Assignment of proceeds
2- Promissory notes
3- Direct deduction from the bank account

What is the time frame for the financing procedures?

The evaluation of the financing request, and determining the profit rate, within one business day after receiving all the required documents. On average it takes around 3-5 business days for the supplier/provider to receive the funds.

Can I pay off the financed amount before the due date?

Yes, you can pay off the full amount before the due date and receive the agreed upon discount in the  contract.

What is the maximum financing duration that canbe requested?

The maximum financing duration that can be requested is 12 months, while the minimum financing duration is 3 months.