Expand your horizons as a supplier, by integrating our B2B Tameed AJEL solution, an off- balance sheet financing, into your offerings and grow your business and improve your cash-flow.

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Licensed by the Saudi National Bank (SAMA)

API-Based ProductSeamless Integration directly embedded on your platform

Banking Grade IT Infrastructure with disaster recovery, multi-cloud solution and the highest Security standards

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Tameed AJEL enables our Partners to reduce the cost, and improving the partner’s cash-flow management - by allowing their Clients to be financed through Tameed

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Clients register and apply for financing from TameedAfter client's Application is approved, Partner gets paid early and receive a non-recourse payment from Tameed Platform

Partner delivers goods and issues invoices to his client in exactly the same way prior to enrollment

Client pays Tameed at the agreed maturity date

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The Answers to most of your questions

What is Tameed?

Tameed is the first crowd debit lending platform licensed by the Saudi National Bank and is specialised in offering local SMEs that have Purchase Orders from Government agencies or Large private Companies a financing alternative other than a business loan to fund their Purchase orders.

What are the Costs to join Tameed AJEL?

There are no fees or costs for our Partners to join, maintain, or exit the Tameed AJEL Program.

Are the financing operations on Tameed platform compliant with Islamic Sharia law?

Yes, all financing and investment operations on the Tameed platform comply with Islamic Sharia law and are overseen by a Sharia board chaired by Dr. Youssef Al-Shubaily

What are the expected financing costs for my Clients?

The financing cost is divided into two parts:
1- Administrative fees of 2.5%
2- Monthly profit rate ranging from 1% to 2%

Is the amount transferred directly to the applicant's bank account?

No; the financing amount is transferred directly to the supplier or service provider -according to the company's policy.

What are the required guarantees?

1- Assignment of proceeds
2- Promissory notes
3- Direct deduction from the bank account

What is the time frame for the financing procedures?

The evaluation of the financing request, and determining the profit rate, within one business day after receiving all the required documents. On average it takes around 3-5 business days for the supplier/provider to receive the funds.

Can I pay off the financed amount before the due date?

Yes, you can pay off the full amount before the due date and receive the agreed upon discount in the contract.

What is the maximum financing duration that canbe requested?

The maximum financing duration that can be requested is 12 months, while the minimum financing duration is 3 months.