Expand your horizons as a supplier, by integrate our B2B Tameed AJEL an off- balance sheet financing into your offerings and grow your business and improve your cash-flow

Key benefits for Tameed AJEL Partners

Immediate Payout

The Tameed AJEL partner receives the funds immediately after the buyer has completed the purchase.

World-class Support

Our service is available at all times, including weekends, holidays, and after-hours, to ensure that customers can access the service whenever they need it.

Sharia Compliant

Tameed adheres to the Islamic law by facilitating Murabaha type of financing with the buyers.

Flexible and fair fees

The Tameed AJEL partner receives the funds immediately after the buyer has completed the purchase.

Why Tameed AJEL?

Why we are the perfect financing partner for you

Personal Technical Support and Account Manager

Licensed by the Saudi National Bank (SAMA)

API-Based Product
Seamless Integration directly embedded on your platform

Banking Grade IT Infrastructure with disaster recovery, multi-cloud solution and the highest Security standards

Tameed Partners financing program.
An Alternative Way to Finance.

Tameed Partners Financing Program helps Tameed partners improve the cash flow and optimizes their working capital by providing none-recourse finance to their clients/ suppliers from Tameed Platform The relationship between partners & their clients/suppliers can become even more efficient with the utilization of Tameed Partners Financing Program

Tameed Platform is responsible for the introduction of the Tameed Partners Financing Program and the coordination between the  partners and their client/supplier

Tameed is licensed by SAMA and is the leading Fintech in the field of Purchase order and Supply chain finance solutions.

Tameed web-Mobile App platform offers an efficient and user-friendly interface for Tameed partners

Tameed is a peer-to-peer lending fintech

Summary of Partner Benefits

Cash Flow Improvement

Get paid quickly: Three days following the acceptance of your client's application by Tameed.Application process is fully automated through Tameed Platform

Working Capital Optimization

Purchase order & SCF financing is a non-recourse cash that improves liquidity, reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improves the debt/equity ratio

Cost Reduction

Get paid automatically on purchase orders once they are approved, and reduce Account Receivable & collection costs relative to your receivables

Financing For Suppliers

Tameed Partners Financing Program enables selected Tameed partners to reduce the cost, burden, and the risk of their accounts receivable and also improves the partner’s cash-flow management - by getting paid early for his clients’ purchases through the Tameed Partners Financing Program.

Ta3meed Partners Financing Program enables selected Ta3meed partners to reduce implementation and supply chain delays by providing financing alternatives to their suppliers and contractors . The partnership program also helps improve partner’s cash-flow Managmen. In addition, the partnership program helps in attracting excellent suppliers & contractors to implement partner's projects

I need finance for:

Partner invites their client to register and get financing from Tameed Platform
Clients register and apply for
financing from Tameed
After client's Application is approved, Partner gets paid early and receive a non-recourse payment from Tameed Platform
Partner delivers goods and issues invoices to his client in exactly the same way prior to enrollment
Client pays Tameed at the agreed maturity date
Partner invites his Supplier/Contractor to register and get financing from Ta3meed Platform
Clients register & apply for PO financing
Partner makes assignment of proceeds
to Ta3meed Platform
Supplier delivers goods and services
as per contract
Partner pays Ta3meed as per delivery
& payment plan in contract
Partner (Seller)
Supplier /Contractor
Partner (Buyer)


There are no fees to join, maintain, or exit Tameed Partners Program

Step 1

A partner receives a purchase order from one of their clients for SAR 5 Million

Step 2

Client applies for financing and
payment due in 90 days

Step 3

Partner delivers product worth SAR 5 Million to their client and receives an immediate non-recourse payment from Tameed

Step 4

Client pays Tameed the due amount at maturity date

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