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What is Tameed Pay Later

A B2B financing alternative to fulfil purchase orders and pay them later

Leading end-to-end supply chain solutions provider for all categories of Information Technology, Telecom, Digital Lifestyle products partners up with Tameed to offer its Tameed Paylater solution.


The Answers to most of your questions

What is Tameed?

Tameed is the first crowd debit lending platform licensed by the Saudi National Bank and is specialised in offering local SMEs that have Purchase Orders from Government agencies or Large private Companies a financing alternative other than a business loan to fund their Purchase orders.

How can I sign-up as an Investor?

You can register by visiting the Tameed homepage at ta3meed.com, clicking on the 'Sign-up’ button, selecting 'I Want to Invest', filling out the following personal information: (ID or residence number - date of birth - mobile number - email), and then setting a password.

Are the investment opportunities offered by the Tameed platform compliant with Islamic Shariah principles?

Yes, all financing and investment operations on the Tameed Financial Platform are compliant with Islamic Shariah principles and are overseen by a Shariah board chaired by Sheikh Dr. Youssef Al-Shubaily.

Is investing in the Tameed platform safe?

Investing through the Tameed platform involves the risks of investing in small and medium-sized enterprises, including the possibility of capital loss or delayed repayment, but we are very diligent in picking opportunities and this is reflected in our very low default number of 0.61% over the lifetime of tameed.

What returns can I expect?

Somewhere between 15%-20% annually. (Average is 16% annual)

When and how are the profits paid out?

The profits are deposited into the portfolios of the participating investors after the financing period mentioned in the opportunity details ends.

How do I know when I entered an Investment?

You will receive a text message informing you of your acceptance in the opportunity if you are selected for investment.

Benefits of Tameed Pay Later

Why you should activate your partnership today

On-demand financing solution. Choose when you need financing

Immediate initial approval & Final Approval within 72 hours

Flexible rates starts at 1% per month with early payment discount

Reliable and secure financing for your PO, and sharia compliant

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Khalid Abdu

Director of Partnerships

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